“Martini & Martini’s approach to accounting has not wavered from its founding principles to provide clients, both large and small, with expert practical approaches to financial planning and accounting.   We strive to provide our clients with the necessary tools to help them grow.”

We are a full-service accounting and financial planning firm committed to assisting our clients with all their financial needs.

Martini & Martini, Certified Public Accountants, was founded in 1962 and is located at 1135 E. Chestnut Ave. in Vineland, New Jersey. We are a small yet diverse firm of Certified Public Accountants, School Accountants, Registered Municipal Accountants, financial planners, and peer reviewers. Our expertise in business and personal financial planning makes us unique among the area’s accounting firms. With the increasing complexity of today’s financial options, expert guidance through the financial maze is the surest way of achieving your financial goals. Martini & Martini provides businesses and personal clients with financial planning on a strictly fee for service basis. This payment plan assures you that helping you to reach your financial goals is always our primary concern.

We regularly publish an extensive and informative newsletter designed to keep you informed on a variety of tax and business issues. Our newsletters provide up-to-date information on the ever-changing laws and regulations, which affect your taxes, your business or your estate.

Extensive training and experience along with a rigorous examination are required for achieving the prestigious Registered Municipal Accountant designation. Martini & Martini is proud to state that one of its shareholders has this license to practice as a Registered Municipal Accountant. Our RMA license allows us to provide a wide range of additional services to our municipal and governmental clients. These services include complete governmental audit services. Martini & Martini is committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and professional accounting and financial planning services available in the market today.

If you are a business owner, your company is probably your biggest asset. Without expert planning, this large asset can be subject to estate taxes, which will significantly lower its value to your heirs. It could even be sold at a drastically reduced value to meet your estate tax obligation. Martini & Martini can help you minimize your estate tax obligations, while ensuring that your company stays in friendly hands, with a buy-sell agreement.

Martini & Martini’s staff has the experience and expertise to help individuals, corporations and local, state and federal governments with their financial and accounting needs. We have practical experience in all aspects of financial and tax planning. Our staff includes experienced controllers, college professors and specialized accountants who worked for one of the big six accounting firms. For a practical and expert approach to your financial planning and accounting needs, you can count on Martini & Martini.