Our depth of experience in both business and personal financial planning as well as our extensive base of local and regional clients, allows us to offer long-term and newer clients a combination of personal insight and professional guidance through today’s increasingly complex personal and financial arenas. As a way of helping our business and personal clients reach their financial objectives as reasonably and as promptly as possible, Martini & Martini offers financial planning services on a fee for service basis.

A Practical Approach

An annual financial tune-up is ideal, but we understand that you may need a full financial overhaul and we will work with you to decide how often you would like to analyze your information. A lot has happened in recent years. Have you been concerned about whether you were saving enough for retirement or your child’s education? Are you even saving into the right financial vehicle for your personal/business situation? Talking with an independent financial advisor affords the opportunity to discuss your concerns with someone who has your best interests in mind, who doesn’t rely upon a sales commission when weighing your concerns. Financial Consulting is an ongoing process. We understand that you will have questions throughout the year that may need to be addressed and we are always available at a reasonable hourly rate for your ongoing questions.

Our Industry Experience

Martini & Martini, CPA, PA specializes in small to medium size businesses and is concerned with the individuals who work for them and run them. We have experience working with people from every level of management and labor. Our diverse client base consists mostly of nonprofit organizations, wholesale and retail establishments, construction and manufacturing firms, personal service businesses, colleges, and municipalities. As a result, we have met many individuals…none of which are exactly the same.

Our Consultation Advantage

Martini & Martini, CPA, PA is located in southern New Jersey with certified public accountants, enrolled agents, staff accountants and office personnel with varied industry experience. John Martini holds a CFP (Certified Financial Planning) designation, and Bill Martini Jr. holds the RMA (Registered Municipal Accountant) designation as well as the MS (Masters in Taxation) degree. Steve Martini holds the EA (Enrolled Agent) designation, allowing him to represent people before the IRS. Bill Martini Sr. has more than 50 years of experience helping people understand their financial situations. We work together as a team, giving us a synergy not found at just any firm. Our CPA’s are knowledgeable of current financial issues and have collective insight that can be very helpful.

We are Here for You

Our fees are reasonable and cost efficient. Our firm believes in sharing ideas and communicating alternatives to current systems by blending professional experience with personal observation. Martini & Martini, CPA, PA welcomes the opportunity to assist you with your consultation needs. A consultation can be requested in advance to eliminate any fee surprises. The financial planning and consultation services we offer are Individual Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Business Valuations, Personal Valuations, Estate Planning, Succession Planning, and Cash Flow Analysis, to name just a few.

For further information or clarification please contact John R. Martini, CPA at John@mmcpa.net.